The price of the Christmas tree depends on the height of the tree. You can pay for the tree by mobile payment or bank transfer.
  • spruce up to 1 metre tall – 3 euros
  • spruce 1–2 metres tall – 8 euros
  • spruce 2–3 metres tall – 13 euros
  • spruce 3–4 metres tall – 23 euros
  • spruce 4–5 metres tall – 30 euros
All prices are inclusive of VAT.
The price list for trees taller than 5 metres can be found here. For these trees you can only pay by bank transfer according to invoice. To receive the invoice, please email Send an email to the same address if you want an invoice for a spruce up to 5 metres.

Mobile payment

Depending on the height of the tree, call the phone number below (the mobile payment numbers work until 31 December 2023). You may make the call before going to the forest or while in the forest, when you have selected a suitable tree.

  • spruce up to 1 metre tall – 9001003 (3 euros)
  • spruce 1–2 metres tall – 9001008 (8 euros)
  • spruce 2–3 metres tall – 9001013 (13 euros)
  • spruce 3–4 metres tall – 9001023 (23 euros)
  • spruce 4–5 metres tall – 9001030 (30 euros)

When you call, hold on and listen to the information provided. The payment is confirmed by a text message. Keep the message. The amount will be added to your next mobile phone bill. After you have received the payment confirmation text, you may start cutting the spruce.

Bank transfer

If you pay by bank transfer, make the payment before going to the forest. Be ready to present a printout of payment order or show it in your phone in the forest to certify the payment.
  • RMK bank account: SEB EE881010002021370008
  • When you make the payment, please use the reference number 5000084681.
  • Recipient of payment: Riigimetsa Majandamise Keskus.
  • In the details, show the number of spruces you are paying for.