Choose the right tree

When you select the tree, please follow these simple rules:
  • Cut a tree only where it stands no chance of growing to maturity: along the edges of roads and ditches, under overhead power lines and under old forest.
  • It is strictly prohibited to take trees from young growths. 
  • You must not pick Christmas trees from protected areas.
  • When you choose a Christmas tree under power lines, see that the treetop is at least 3 metres below the lines. When you walk near power lines, look out for loose wires fallen after a storm. When you notice a leaning tree that has fallen on a power line, do not go nearer.
The map of RMK forests is here. In the natural environment, state forests are marked with signs.

Care for the tree

When you take the spruce home but don’t want to decorate it right away, keep the tree in a cool place: for example, on the balcony or in the garage. This way the tree will not be harmed by heat and the tree will keep fresh longer.

Don’t forget that the spruce needs water to keep fresh and healthy. Keep the base of the cut tree trunk in water. If it is left dry, the tree’s juices dry up and the butt seals up and the tree will not absorb water even when you refill the tank. If this happens, remove the tree from the stand and cut the trunk shorter (1–2 cm). Remember that in the first 24 hours, the Christmas tree will need at least two litres of water; afterwards about a litre a day.

View tree decoration ideas here. Handmade decorations are the most beautiful ones!

The Christmas tree brings great joy to the family but one day its needles start to drop and its beauty fades, and you need to throw out what is left of it. It would be sad to see the tree lie helplessly near waste containers. Instead, you should consider burning it in a fire. This seemingly simple act shows you respect and care about the nature. You might also set a goal for the next year to plant a few young spruces in the forest who could grow tall in future.