Sale of residuals

In 2016, cutting residuals accounted for approximately 3500 m³, of RMK’s sales volume.

Theoretically, cutting residuals make up 15 – 20% of all logging; of that, the proportion of harvested cutting residuals is approximately 12% (a harvesting location needs to have a supply of at least 40 m³ and a reserve of a minimum of 30 m³/ha), with the proportion of cutting residuals sold, adjusted for season, is estimated at approximately 8% (depending on the soil and the condition of the roads).

Under this model, RMK would have the potential to sell up to 320 000 m³ of cutting residuals a year. Due to forest protection restrictions and the limit of economic efficiency, the entire volume cannot be exploited. RMK has estimated the volume achievable in harvesting cutting residuals at approximately 150 000 m³ a year.

Tapping the entire volume of cutting residuals and brush presupposes a sufficient quantity of consumers and the location of the point of consumption as close to the resources as possible. Furthermore, the availability of access roads and long-term storage facilities are important.

Independent harvesting of cutting residuals

From RMK’s clear cuts, cutting residuals and stump logs may be also harvested for firewood. Cutting residuals are branches and trunk parts lying on the ground in a clear cut area, whilst stump logs are timber produced when stumps are cut down.

Since clear cutting is always followed by reforestation, the time limit for a buyer to harvest cuttings residuals is tight, 30 calendar days at the most.

For a consumer, the cost of harvesting cutting residuals from the state forest is EUR 6.50 per m³ (EUR 50.70 per hectare), and stump logs are priced at EUR 9.90 per m³ (EUR 68.43 per hectare), to which value added tax will be added. Those wishing to make a purchase are invited to kindly  email request to

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