Heritage culture on outings

The primary inventory has been completed in all the counties and more than 37 000 objects have been mapped, many of them in state forests.

Heritage cultural sites occur on state forest lands across Estonia. In Harju, Lääne, Rapla and Järva Counties alone, over 6 300 of them have been mapped, with a quarter in the state forest. Therefore it is in RMK's recreation areas in those districts that the abundantly feature beauty of history may be noticed.

In the framework of the Estonian-Latvian programme, the Koiva-Gauja heritage culture and conservation area was established in 2010. As of today, the level of use is quite high. The area can be visited either independently, with the help of a trail map and heritage culture information, Koiva - Gauja track card and Koiva - Gauja track information.

The building of the nature itself, built in 1860 as a residence and office building for the forester of the estate at the time, is a venerable heritage cultural site. There is plenty of forestry related heritage culture also in the surrounding forests: stands of various introduced species, forest ranger cabins, resin tapping areas, forests for shipbuilding timber etc.

Information about heritage culture on state forest land and about the history of forestry is provided by RMK’s exhibits, environmental education programs and events.We would like to call on travel agencies to include venerable heritage cultural sites in outings to introduce Estonia. Assistance for finding suitable sites is provided by the database of the Land Board at http://xgis.maaamet.ee/.