General information

This conference is a walking conference. That means, we will be holding the conference outdoors, and comfortable clothing and suitable footwear will be strongly recommended. A hint – an optional swim-suit may turn essential to take full advantage of the conference…

Accompanying persons are warmly welcome to take part in the conference and enjoy the program along with all other conference participants.

9th June, from 20 to 23 o'clock
Dinner at Oandu Visitor Centre

Oandu Visitor Centre is located in the 150-year-old former forest district office. Together with its outbuildings - including Cone Hut, the hay barn and the old ice cellar - it forms a comprehensive complex, where nature, recreation possibilities, cultural heritage, as well the production and use of forest and timber throughout the ages are introduced.

The dinner held at the Big barn offers you multiple cultural experience, possibilities to enjoy the people, and of course, the food. See the DINNER MENU.

On the map (click on the map to zoom in) you'll see the location of the Big barn and outbuildings.

What's on the cultural menu?

At 9 pm you'll hear the world famous acoustic group Estonian Voices with its jazz, folk and pop arrangements.

At 10 pm Lahemaa folk musicians are on stage with traditional songs and instruments.

At Oandu Visitor Centre you can see the historical exhibition and videos, buy your souvenirs. Exhibitions about Lahemaa and wooden construction are outdoors.

Go to the Sawmill for your coffee, and find the old ice cellar - the think tank - if you wish to take a break, discuss your world-changing ideas, or just have a beer or a cider.