24.08.2007 - RMK advises Moldova in developing sustainable forestry 29.09

On 21 August, the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) on the part of the Republic of Estonia and the forestry administration Moldsilva on the part of the Republic of Moldova concluded a cooperation protocol to assess the condition of the forestry sector in Moldova and to plan further activities in the development of sustainable forestry and the quality of the environment.

On the part of RMK, the contract was signed by member of the management board Olav Etverk and on the part of Moldsilva, Director General Anatoli Popusoi.

The content of the project is to introduce in Moldova Estonian experience in the reform and transformation of the forestry sector within a period of six months, to assess the current situation of the forestry sector in Moldova and to plan the priorities of further development cooperation. The purpose of the project is to compile a list of the development needs of Moldova’s forestry sector, which includes specific tasks as well as tasks with project-based solutions.
The concluded cooperation agreement is part of the development cooperation project “Planning development cooperation between Estonia and Moldova in the field of sustainable forestry and quality of the environment” approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Estonia.

“The request by the Moldovans to advise them in the introduction of sustainable forest management is an acknowledgement to all of Estonian forestry and the international activity of the development and consulting department of RMK,” confirmed the development director of RMK Andres Onemar. “We will also definitely have several things to learn in Moldova and also an opportunity to find partners by participating in international forest policy,” noted Onemar.

The area of Moldova is 33 843 km², of which 11% is covered by forest. 88% of forest land is in state ownership; private ownership is still developing. Moldova deems the most difficult challenge in forestry to be the increase of the area covered by forest by 130 hectares in 2003-2020, and ensuring sustainable forest management in all forests.

In addition to the conclusion of a cooperation protocol, the representatives of RMK will get acquainted with the forestry institutions in Moldova and the organisation of work in protected areas.

Moldsilva is the forest administration, founded in 1996, which engages in the management of state forests in Moldova.
The state forest management agency RMK is a profit-making state agency, whose main objective is the effective and sustainable management of state forests. RMK grows reforestation material, arranges for forest works, engages in the sale of forest and timber and arranges game maintenance. Additionally, RMK creates possibilities for spending time in nature and forest holidays in recreation areas and develops awareness of nature. RMK manages 38% of Estonian forest land.

Since 2002, RMK holds an ISO 14001 certificate and an FSC sustainable forestry certificate. For the first time in Estonia, RMKs certificate was extended to 2012.

Additional information:

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RMK Development Director
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