23.04.2007 - RMK donated books on forestry to schools 29.09

On 20 April, in the Ministry of Education and Research, representatives of the management board of RMK symbolically handed over to the Minister 6000 books entitled “Väike metsanduskursus” (“A Short Forestry Course”) for schools. Professor Emeritus of forestry at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Ivar Etverk, wrote the book at the request of RMK in order to broaden the view of students. The book is also going to be translated into Russian in the future.

The Minister of Education and Research, Tõnis Lukas, welcomed the initiative by RMK to distribute books on forestry to schools. “Each step that contributes to an increase in students’ knowledge about nature is particularly important and welcome,” the Minister said.

“The students’ knowledge about the forest and especially forest management could be more comprehensive than it is today,” said Marge Rammo, the Head of the RMK Recreation Management Department. “They contribute to a better understanding of what is going on in the forestry sector and to thinking about these subjects. The forest, as an important value for all of us, deserves to be better understood. The book, which explains forest management – reforestation, tending of forests, use and protection of forests or the essence and necessity of forest management, is a helpful tool for teachers in covering the subject and for students for self improvement”.

This is the 8th year that RMK is dealing with nature related education. Nature programmes (mostly free of charge) are organised for students, which include possibilities for hiking on mature paths and opportunities for outdoor studies, at RMK nature centres all over Estonia. Last spring, an approximately 12-minute long study film in DVD format, presenting the life cycle of the forest and made at Unifilm, mainly on the basis of materials recorded for the TV programme Osoon (Ozone), was donated to schools. This is also the second year in which RMK is organising the nature game “Metsasemu” (“Forest Pal”) for students. Forest experts from RMK are also taking part in the environmental education project “Mets õpetab!” (“The Forest Teaches”) of MTÜ Ökokratt, intended for schools; in addition, this spring, RMK is organising forestry related combined competitions for general education schools.

RMK, the manager of state forests, is a profit-making state agency, established by the Forest Act, the main function of which is the sustainable and effective management of state forests: reforestation, tending and use of forests, and organisation of forest protection. RMK organises wild game care and ensures forest use related to everyman’s right.

Additional information:

Jaak Jansen,
Development Manager of the RMK Recreation Management Department
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