08.02.2007 - Estonian forestry workers performed well at the European Skiing Championships 29.09

In Brusson, Italy, at the Skiing Championships of European Forestry Workers held on 29 January to 2 February, women and juniors achieved the best results.

The best results were achieved by juniors who won four 5 km skiing races in the 16-19 age group for Estonia: 1. Allar Soo (RMK junior), 2. Rivo Fomotskin (Luua Forestry School), 3. Ago Vahtra (Luua Forestry School) and 4. Hans-Kristjan Kask (RMK junior).

The best of the Estonian women were Juta Lehtme (RMK; 5 km biathlon, 1st place in the 51-60 age group) and Tiina Idavain (RMK; 5 km biathlon, 2nd place in the 41-50 age group). The best of the men was Raigo Rõõmusaar (Estonian University of Life Sciences), who came in 13th in the 5 km biathlon race in the 21-30 age group.

The women’s team (Tiina Idavain, Marta Kask, Margit Ani) won 2nd place in the 3x4 relay race. The men’s relay team finished in 14th place.

This year, the Skiing Championships of European Forestry Workers were held for the 39th time. This year, approximately 1000 contestants from more than 20 countries participated in the championships. Estonia was represented by over 50 sportsmen from economic structures, schools and other institutions related to state as well as private forestry.

Estonia has participated in the contest since 1991. The next championships will take place next year in Oberwiesenthal, Germany.

Additional information:

Heiki Hepner
Manager of the RMK Consulting Department,
Member of the Judges Committee of the Championships
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