09.04.2008 - Estonia took a piece of forest to Brussels 10.10

On the evening of 8 April, a forestry-related photo exhibition dedicated to the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of Estonia was opened in Brussels at the European Forestry House. The exhibition will be open until the end of April.

The exhibition was organised by the State Forest Management Centre (RMK) in cooperation with the European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR). According to Erik Kosenkranius, Executive Director of EUSTAFOR, the exhibition allows for the introduction of both Estonia and the role of forestry to a wider public in Europe. “I am very glad that this exhibition was organised with the help of RMK and that the first opening took place right at the European Forestry House in Brussels,” he said. “Estonians have often spread their message in the world with surprising new things – this time, we brought a piece of the Estonian forest, together with exciting photos, to the Euro block”.

Ten stands with photos are on display at the exhibition, with each stand introducing a decade in the history of Estonian forestry. The display was organised by the employees of the Sagadi Forest Centre of RMK, and about a third of the photos were taken by long-term RMK nature photographer Jüri Pere. The rest of the photos originate from the collections of the Forest Museum; the author of the texts included with photos is Peeter Reintal, an employee of Sagadi Forest Museum, who died before his time.

The photo exhibition in Brussels will be open until the end of April. As of 7 May, the exhibition can also be visited at the National Library of Estonia in Tallinn for a couple of weeks.

EUSTAFOR, which coordinates the cooperation between organisations managing European state forests, was established in 2006. The aim of EUSTAFOR is to represent the joint interests of the state forests in the European Union, and establish prerequisites for developing sustainable forestry in the European state forests. RMK is also a full member of EUSTAFOR.

Additional information:
Kristjan Tõnisson
Head of Environmental Management at RMK

Erik Kosenkranius
European State Forest Association (EUSTAFOR), Executive Director