04.06.2008 - Construction of the Viking ship to begin 05.10

The construction of the new Viking ship begins with cutting of the keel at the Small Barge Yard of Tartu on Thursday, 5 May at 19.00. The first blow of the axe to the keel of the new ship will be made by the Mayor of Tartu, Urmas Kruuse.

At the same time, the Emajõgi River Barge Society will enter into a cooperation agreement with the new supporters of ship building – the construction of the Viking ship is supported, in addition to Enterprise Estonia, by the city of Tartu, the State Forest Management Centre (RMK), ALeCoq AS and Respo Haagised AS.

The 11 metre long oak log originating from the Triigi forest district of RMK has been set up in the Barge Yard and is waiting for the ship masters. With the festive cutting of the keel, the Emajõgi River Barge Society will begin another exciting ship building project together with its supporters, and interested people can view this on site or via the web cam located in the Barge Yard. All details of the ship will be prepared in workshops on site. According to the plans of the ship builders, the new ship should be gliding along the river within a year.

In order to introduce the art of ship building outside Tartu, a “Travelling Barge Yard” is under construction – a portable timber workshop, smithy, rope room and tar room, and a display introducing the history of barge traffic and the construction of Jõmmu. To transport the Viking ship and the “Travelling Barge Yard” on land, Respo Haagised AS will present a specially constructed trailer to the Barge Society, at the event to be held tomorrow.

The first chips of the keel of the Hanseatic barge Jõmmu were cut during the Hanseatic Days of 2004 by Andrus Ansip, who was the Mayor of Tartu at the time. The construction of the replica of the Viking ship is funded from the Programme for Small Projects for Developing Regional Competitiveness; the city of Tartu and RMK are major supporters.

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