Supervisory Board

The procedure for the formation, competence, rules of procedure and liability of members of the supervisory board are regulated by Article 49 of the Forest Act. The Government of the Republic approves the membership of the supervisory board.

The supervisory board comprises:
1) three members appointed by a resolution of the Riigikogu;
2) two representatives of the Ministry of the Environment;
3) one representative of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications;
4) one representative of the Ministry of Finance;
5) two experts on the proposal of the Minister of the Environment.

The Riigikogu shall appoint the members of the supervisory board by a resolution on the proposal of the Environmental Committee of the Riigikogu. The authority of a member of the supervisory board appointed by the Riigikogu shall terminate upon the termination of the authority of the person as a member of the Riigikogu. The Riigikogu, Minister of the Environment, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications and Minister of Finance may withdraw a member appointed by them before the termination of the authority if:
1) he or she has failed to perform his or her duties to a material extent;
2) he or she is not able to participate in the work of the supervisory board;
3) his or her service relationship has terminated.

The supervisory board shall be formed for three years. The following persons have been appointed to the RMK Supervisory Board by the  resolution of the Parliament and by the order of the Government of the Republic:

Members of Supervisory Board
Yoko Alender Member of the Parliament of Estonia,
Environment Committee 
Ph +372 631 6512
Rain Epler

Kaspar Kokk
AS Transcom, Board Member
Ph +372 516 6317
Mihhail Korb Member of the Parliament of Estonia
Economic Affairs Committee
Ph +372 631 6665
Ando Leppiman Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Secretary General
Ph +372 625 6481
Margit MartinsonMinistry of the Environment, 
Deputy Secretary General
Ph +372 626 2848,
Kalle Põld
Keskühistu Eramets, Board Member
Ph +372 5822 8555
Hardi TullusEstonian University of Life Sciences, Institute of Forestry and Rural Engineering, ProfessorPh +372 731 3715
Mihkel Undrest OÜ Kaabeltau, Board Member
Ph + 372 514 5578